Friday, January 1, 2016

Happy 2016!

I hope you are enjoying the first day of 2016.  Mark and I are just relaxing and enjoying eating.  We have been sick for weeks, especially me.  Mark took 3 weeks of vacation and we had plans to have fun, but that got dashed.  First our grandson came down with Hand, Foot & Mouth disease.  He got sores in his throat and on his body.  Mark was not affected by the HFM, but it did affect me in that I got white blisters in the back of my throat.  That lowered my immune system enough that I then came down with a bad cold and was very sick on Christmas Eve & Christmas Day.  A week later I am still feeling weak, blowing my nose and coughing.  Our grandson has recovered from the Hand, Foot & Mouth, but now has a bad cold.  We took him to the doctor and the doctor said the cold does not have anything to do with HFM.

Anyway, I was thankful I got my Christmas shopping done before I was so ill.  I was scheduled to meet with a couple friends and go to a Christmas party, but had to cancel all.  Instead I stayed home for days working on getting well.  We had to reschedule Christmas with Everett due to being so ill.

Okay, back to the new year!  Here we are at the beginning of 2016 a whole year of wonder ahead.  A new calendar on the wall, a new date book to fill up.  I wonder what this year has in store?  As I look forward, I know where my strength comes from.  It comes from the one who I have given my heart to...Jesus.  Without Him there is no meaning, no joy & no strength to carry on.  So with that, I wish each and every person who visits my blog a blessed 2016. 

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Sherry said...

health issues during the holidays are always so troublesome.. hoping you're on the road to wellness and 2016 will be a wonderful and welcome year for you and yours. hugs.