Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Yeast and other topics...

Well, this week I was supposed to get my wound vac off and I did.  However, I did not get it off for the right reason.  My wound still has some healing to do, but the yeast infection has gotten so bad I had to leave it off.  While in the hospital I developed abscesses in my incision after the 2nd surgery.  One was so big that it sprung a leak...it literally was squirting a mixture of blood and fluid!  Thankfully, I was in the hospital when that happened and they set me up with a wound vac.  When I went home the hospital set me up with a portable wound vac.  They are great, but unfortunately the dressings (which are not breathable) caused me to develop a yeast infection on my skin.  My skin is super sensitive to adhesives.  My nurse said its the worst one she has seen in a long time.  That says a lot when she has been in the business of doing wound vac care for years.  So I am currently on Diflucan in an effort to kill the yeast.  I have to take one pill for 3 days.  Thankfully the side effects have not been too bad.

This coming Saturday, Mark, leaves on a jet plane bound for Germany.  He will be there for a week.  My friend Cindy is supposed to be staying with me for the week.  Mark asked her to.  She said that worked for her.  Mark just wanted to make sure someone was looking in on me while he is away.  What a sweet hubby I have.

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jAne said...

devoted and thoughtful hubby... yes, yours is that! hope you're feeling a bit better with each passing day. {{{hug}}}