Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Kitty Friends

It sure is nice having kitty friends.  My kitty friends are named Dusty and Daisy.  Dusty has been with me for 10 years.  She is a long hair Tortie with toe-tuffs.  I love her silky fluffiness.  Daisy is a man-made breed called a Color Point Shorthair.  She is white with orange tabby accents and light blue eyes.  She is part Siamese with eyes that sort of cross at times.  Both cats have their personalities.  Dusty is shy when people come and she hides.  Daisy however is Miss Congeniality when it is one person visiting.  She likes to rub feet.  Dusty knows how to nag and nag till she gets what she wants.  Daisy is our scavenger who jumps up on counters and rummages through closets.  We find things in odd places at times and know Daisy has been up to tricks.  For instances I left my wedding ring in a small dish by the bathroom sink and while washing up, then went to bed.  The next morning I am walking by the recliner in our living room and notice on the floor my wedding ring.  Daisy!

My kitty friends comfort me.  They follow me around the house, they sleep with me at naps and at night.  They know the routine of their feeding and what time it should happen.  They like to go outside and chew grass and chase birds.  Isn't it wonderful that God puts in our care these creatures for us to enjoy?

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jAne said...

i love kitties and miss my tiger-boy so much, still even after almost 2 years. sweet boy.. thanks for sharing about dusty and daisy. from your description i could envision their antics very well. :)

praying for you.