Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Be My Valentine!

Thanks to the Lord I am slowly adjusting to my new life.  It feels good to have freedom and I am more relaxed.  I am keeping in touch with the boys.  They are both doing as well as can be for where they are at.  Mostly, I am over joyed to know that the Lord is definitely taking care of both of them.  It is so amazing!  I may not agree with all the choices they are making, etc., but the Lord is right there with them.  He is always able to establish hope in my  life when I, Miss Drama Queen, think there is none.

Right now I am struggling to overcome this virus that I have caught.  I'm in my 3rd week with it.  I start feeling better so I do stuff.  Then I get set back and have to rest.  Really looking forward to the day when I am well.  Otherwise I am enjoying church, Bible study and visiting with girlfriends.

I am also having fun with redecorating and rearranging the house.  Since my younger son no longer occupies the basement, the concentration of my redecorating is going on downstairs.  Its going slow, but I am having fun with it.  My redecorating plan includes visiting various thrift stores.  I have been blessed with good finds...praise the Lord!  One of the biggest blessed finds was a newly recovered chair for $55!  When I am feeling better I will have to take pictures.

Wishing all of my blog friends many blessings.  I hope to get back to blogging more regular and visit your blogs.  Know that you are in my thoughts and prayers.

   Happy Valentine's Day!

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