Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Doctor Appt.

A nurse friend of mine told me about a doctor that she goes to.  I expressed to my friend my apprehension about doctors.  She told me her doctor is a hard worker and a patient listener.  So I am going to try her out.  The appointment is on my birthday...sigh...I certainly hope the Lord has a present for me in this.  I am sure that I will be full of nervous knots, but as Mark says I need to get this rolling.  I need to get something done about my tummy as I have lived 3 years with the pain and nausea.  Lately, the nausea part has been worse, especially every morning after eating breakfast.  Sometimes when I am driving it gets worse, sometimes I feel I am going to faint.  Just can't keep living like this.  I feel I've given it a good shot of trying to live with it.  It is hard trying to live my life feeling sick most everyday.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Update and Age

Well, it has been a month now that I have been in the boot.  On Sunday I was able to put a shoe on.  Mark and I took a spin outside...a short walk.  I limped and it hurt, so not ready to shed the boot just yet.  There is a bruise still healing on the top of my foot and my ankle feels uneasy.  I am able to walk around the house with just a wrap, no boot, so I am hopeful that soon I will be able to wear a shoe again.  Lately, we have been having beautiful sunny days here in Denver and I must admit, not being able to take a long walk has been a trial for me.

Life has slowed down.  Still not quite over that flu bug.  Mark and I are still struggling with sinus congestion and tiredness.  Otherwise we are doing fine.  Both of us wish that we could get to feeling like our usual selves.  My tummy issues continue.  I had a really bad attack on Saturday morning.  All I had was a cup of Earl Grey tea with milk and honey.  That is all it took for it to get in a knot.  It made me feel quite ill and at one point I felt as if I would pass out.  A nurse friend of mine told me about a doctor she goes to who is a listener.  So I am trying to get up the courage to go and see her.  It is really hard for me, I just want to runaway from it all.  In reality, I have been running away, however the problem just follows me. ;-)

Soon it will be my birthday (March 20th).  I am going to be bold...yes...I will be 51 years old.  I am sighing after typing that.  Gee whiz!...51...I am trying to take glory in it all.  There are positive ways to conquer the age thing.  Yes, if I look at it from the world's point of view I am doomed, all is lost...etc.  I want to glory in my gray (when I get it...haha...thanks Lord) and not fuss over wrinkles.  However, I must admit, I am fussing a bit over the wrinkles.  Sigh.  But the best thing is this...that the Lord is using me here on planet earth and I am getting closer to coming home day by day.