Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Doctor Appt.

A nurse friend of mine told me about a doctor that she goes to.  I expressed to my friend my apprehension about doctors.  She told me her doctor is a hard worker and a patient listener.  So I am going to try her out.  The appointment is on my birthday...sigh...I certainly hope the Lord has a present for me in this.  I am sure that I will be full of nervous knots, but as Mark says I need to get this rolling.  I need to get something done about my tummy as I have lived 3 years with the pain and nausea.  Lately, the nausea part has been worse, especially every morning after eating breakfast.  Sometimes when I am driving it gets worse, sometimes I feel I am going to faint.  Just can't keep living like this.  I feel I've given it a good shot of trying to live with it.  It is hard trying to live my life feeling sick most everyday.


Chaos Cottage said...

Praying that this doctor is able to help you and that you will have peace that day and not have a knotted up stomach. Deep breaths, deep can do it. said...

oh my goodness!! looks like you have been through a lot lately!! thank goodness spring is coming and all things become new. Godspeed for your healing. I hope the new doc goes well. It seems like the ones with the worst bedside manner are the best in practice ;-) i am thinking of you!!