Monday, November 19, 2012

Thankful for Small Things

Life is ever moving and flowing.  Sometimes it seems it moves by too quickly.  Other times it seems to be in slow motion.  That is how it has been for Mark and I lately.  We are edging more and more into the slower pace, but not quite there yet.  Every now and then we get a taste of that slower pace and we really enjoy how it feels.

Definitely, the slower pace will allow for my creative juices to flow more freely.  There are so many ways to be creative and I think sometimes I discount the little things.  I think that I have to do something grand to call myself creative. Well get over it!  I am going to be thankful for the little things.  God works in the small things as well as big.

Lately, I have been blessed with ideas in the kitchen with new products I've found at the grocery store.  Take for instances the picture below.

Used these products to make a tasty morning breakfast.  Its husband approved!  The new Natural Bliss coffee creamer doesn't have to be used just for coffee.  Using it on your morning oatmeal is a great way to give your oatmeal a flavor boost.  Another product I've tried is Land O' Lakes cinnamon sugar butter spread which they put out just for the Autumn season.  We have used it on our pancakes and its given them the flavor of "french toast".  Very yummy!

So enjoy Autumn, be creative and rejoice in little things. 

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