Friday, October 28, 2011


It snowed this week on Wednesday.  Since the autumn leaves were still on the trees, many branches were weighed down.  We went in our backyard and shook the snow off the branches we could reach.  We are blessed that only one branch broke out of the 3 big trees in our backyard.

Wednesday night we went to a potluck in honor of one of our pastors.  October is pastor appreciation month at our church.  It was great to be able to show our love and support.

It has been two months that we have lived in our new house.  I am slowly adjusting to the sounds of the house and the neighborhood.  How the light comes through the windows at different seasons and times of day.  Where to shop and then how the store is arranged so I can find everything I need.  Where I get my gas, etc.  Right now, I miss Golden.  I miss the small town feel as opposed to living in Lakewood where it is more big city.  As Eric told me, "Mom, you have to give it more time."  He's right.

Speaking of Eric, he is going for his Eagle Scout award.  It has been a bit of a challenge as he has less than two months to get it all done.  We are down to the wire.  It has me frazzled, but I am mostly letting his Dad manage it.  He doesn't need panic stricken Mom on his case.  Eek!  I will just be waiting in the wings for when he needs me.

Otherwise, I have been busy visiting with friends, going to Bible study, meeting with another woman to pray for our children, etc.  Oh, hubby got a new cell phone supplied by the company he works for since he got a promotion.  So with the extra money toward our cell phone budget he bought me one of those new android phones.  It seems in my old age I hate change, but I am learning this new phone.  Maybe I can be a hip Grandma after all.  ;-)  (BTW the picture above was taken with my new phone.  I even emailed to myself so I could post it on my blog.)


Chaos Cottage said...

The cameras on those new phones are getting better and better. I still have the old fashioned kind buy my hubby has an I-phone and he seems to enjoy it.

Rayanne said...

I found you....yippy!!!! Happy to know you and your family are in your new home, it's lovely!
I'm not posting like I would like, not enough time right now, but I'll be popping in when I can, love you dear friend in the mountains!!!!

jAne said...

oh becky, the snow is so beautiful.
rocky has a spur of the moment trip on tuesday through friday to denver. i begged (really and truly begged) to go with but the notice was much too short for a decent ticket price. sniff. otherwise, i would have been there enjoying a bit of white stuff and your company for a tich. we have some other friends living there too - could have been a huge get together! consider yourself hugged. one day i'll get there. :o)

Sharon said...

The snow is beautiful! I hope Eric gets his Eagle Scout award! How exciting!