Sunday, October 23, 2011


We have all been so busy.  Both boys are on the Ultimate Frisbee team, so 3 days a week I am driving the freeway.  Then throw in having been sick, company, Mark's 11-day business trip, etc.  Well, I lost my momentum.  I have been trying to catch up and keep up.  Even so, I have realized that I need some "me" time, to refresh.  One day after dropping the boys off at practice, I went to my favorite park to do my annual Autumn walk through the park.  The colors are not as spectacular this year, but still was able to get some pretty shots.  Enjoy!

 This is a shot of the autumn colors in Golden, where I drop the boys off for practice.

 Here is a shot of Crown Hill Park.

 Here is a little bird I spotted down by the lake.  Don't know what kind it is, but I love birds.

 Here is a pretty shot of the nature center in the park.

Always love this path through the thick grove of trees.


jAne said...

such a pretty place!
thinking of you as your moments
tick away, going from one task
to the next - all important.


Sharon said...

Beautiful pics Becky! Hope you are feeling better!

Chaos Cottage said...

Good to see you posting again. And thank you for letting me know what breed my cat is. Also, the golden trees are perfect for your town.