Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Welcome to Big Yellow Cottage!  I could not come up with an original name for my new house.  Big Yellow Cottage was the only thing that seemed to fit.  The picture in the header is a picture of the back of our Big Yellow Cottage.  I think the back of the house looks cozy.  Right now we are in the process of moving in.  We are making trips back and forth everyday.  So much work to do, but it is joyful. 

Our Little Blue Cottage in California was 1300 sq. ft., but it had a lot of storage space.  House on the Hill is nearly 3000 sq. ft. and we had no problem fitting into it.  We have enjoyed living in a big house.  Big Yellow Cottage is 2388 sq. ft.  Even so it doesn't have the storage space that our Little Blue Cottage had.  We are having to let go of things.

When we are settled I will take pictures of the inside.  For now these are the only pictures I have of  our new cottage.

  The front of our Big Yellow Cottage.

The evening view from the back deck.

Mark and I have been enjoying having lunch in our backyard.  The view is such a blessing.


jAne said...

such a delight knowing God has brought you to *this* place, a yellow cottage with a plan, His plan.


kerrie of sea cottage said...

It's a beautiful view. Sea Cottage is about the same square footage. We had alot of storage with a three car garage and two separate driveways and two garage doors until we needed to build a room in the third garage space. With four children we needed more rooms. Also being a new home we have nice big closet and shelving space. I think you will like the size of this home. It's big enough for your family but not too big to keep clean. I think you it will become 'home' to you very quickly and you will feel like you have lived there for years! Enjoy. You are home owners again!!!!

Chaos Cottage said...

What a lovely home. Can't wait to see more photos. Chaos Cottage is truly in Chaos at the moment with our packing and schooling too. I am so excited and happy for you all.