Wednesday, July 5, 2017


Where have I been?  The same place as usual, just been patiently waiting for the storm that blew in in May to blow out.  Well, I am happy to say that I have made adjustments and things have calmed down.  Praise the Lord!  But there is still progress to be made and the progress that has been made was not easily come by.

The happiness in all of it has been the precious grandsons.  Always so blessed to have them around.  Recently we took them to Belleview Park.  The park has a little train, a petting zoo and a creek where the kids can play in the water.  The boys loved it and we enjoyed a picnic amongst the shade trees.  It was a wonderful day.

Mark and I took a week off from working to have some down time.  We started our stay-cation with a visit from Mark's high school friend and his new wife.  We spent the weekend with them showing them around Colorado.  We had a wonderful time with them.  Then we spent the rest of the week just hanging out at home resting and doing things we wanted.  I also visited with a girlfriend that I have not been able to connect with for months which was wonderful.

Otherwise I have been doing quite a bit of thrifting.  A new thrift store opened up nearby, too much fun!  Lately, I have had a fashion change.  I have been a pants gal for a number of years, but lately I have grown into a new love of skirts.  Age does funny things to a gals body and for some reason skirts have become very comfortable.  So I have gotten a whole array of skirts from the thrift store.  Its been a fun distraction from the gloominess of storms.

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