Monday, July 11, 2016

Use It Up Update

Hello from hot & dry Colorado!  It is definitely summer here and thus it feels really good to take a shower or bath at the end of the day.  Thus I began thinking that I need to do a Use It Up Update as its been a long while since I have posted one.  I can say that I have made progress in reducing my products in storage, but not as much as I would like.

In retrospect, I was using the EO Rose scented body wash and a rose scented lotion.  Well I used up the rose scented lotion and by that time was bored.  So I decided to switch to A La Maison ~ Coconut scented soap and the matching lotion.  I have to say that the soap is great, but the scent is not really coconut smelling to me.  It smells good, but seems more on the masculine side. I am nearly done with the lotion (which smells like coconut cream) and once I am I will probably switch again.

In my bathtub I was using the A La Maison ~ Lavender Aloe scent.  It is 2/3 gone and I have nearly used up the lavender lotion (3/4 gone), but I got bored and decided to switch to A La Maison ~ A Thousand Flowers and the matching lotion (which is 2/3 gone).  I know its probably confusing because I keep switching, but I assure you I am making progress.  As for hair care products, I used up a Kiss My Face hair conditioner and I have almost polished off another bottle of the Ren-pur Co-wash.

So in conclusion, during the past two months I only managed to use up a rose scented lotion and a Kiss My Face hair conditioner.  The only temptation I had this month was a bar of lemon scented soap.  It was such a bright pretty yellow and smelled so good, but I resisted the temptation.  I just enjoyed it in the store.  So that is my update.  Hopefully, the August report will show more progress.

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