Saturday, April 2, 2016

Update & Use It Up Report

Hello!  It is time for a monthly update.  I will first start off with the general update.  It was my birthday in March.  Had a wonderful birthday and I am now 55 and eligible for the senior discount at my local thrift store.  Yay! LOL

As far as work is concerned, I think progress has been made with the little girl I babysit.  First, my grandson is standing up to her more which I have no problem with.  I let the parents know and they are fine with it.  I can say she has improved on a one on one basis with me, but when her parents are around she drops little hints that she doesn't like me.  However, her father told me that they trust me so she keeps coming.

Otherwise, we have been sick for like the last month.  Little colds and tummy bugs one right after the other.  My grandson vomited in his crib with the tummy bug (it took a couple days work to get that smell out of the room).  My hubby got the tummy bug and vomited too.  Thankfully, when I got it, I did not vomit, just had back door issues.  Wonderful topic, right? LOL  Anyway, right now we are struggling through this weird cold thing.  So many of these viruses attack my bowel, even with it being a cold type thing.  Anyway, Mark has a cough and we both have the congestion in the head.  And the aches and tiredness with this one have been more than normal.

Now on to the Use It Up report.  I used up the Andalou Rose scented lotion.  I got to the bottom of the tube, but there is still stuff in there.  Well, I put the last of it into a pump bottle and mixed it with another lotion (Whole Foods 365 lotion in lavender scent).  The other item I used up was the Renpur Co-wash for my hair.  So, as my grandson says:  All gone!

As for shower gel, I am still using the EO rose scented one.  Its a big bottle so it is going to take awhile to get through.  As for hair care I am still using the Renpur co-wash.  Finished off the one bottle and I am on to my 2nd bottle.  Also added a new addition to my routine.  I bought a 4 oz bottle of Dr. Bonner's castile soap in the scent Cherry Blossom.  I use that to deep cleanse my hair once or twice a week and to wash my face when in the shower.  I also went back to using the Shea Moisture deep moisturizer for my hair.  My hair got really nasty on me, so I went back to it.  I just use it more sparingly and follow it up with the co-wash.  Doing it that way is way better as my hair is not as greasy just moisturized.  I did use the Shea Moisture as a leg shave cream once and it worked well for that too.  As far as bar soap is concerned I have not gotten through the bar of Amazing Grace yet, its still going strong.

I did stock up on 365 brand lotion since it went on sale for $1.99 a bottle at Whole Foods.  I picked up the lavender and herbal mint scents.  When I got home I found I already had a bottle of mint in storage.  Drat!  Oh well, I am sure it will get used eventually.  I also picked up a bottle of the Ultra Moisture Whole Foods lotion that I liked so well.  Remember the Sugar Plum scented lotion I picked up after Christmas?  Yeah, well it is the same lotion just unscented.  So obviously I now have plenty of lotion in storage.  And of course as usual I have too many products just like I have too much clothing and too many purses, but clothes & purses I will save for another post.  

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