Wednesday, January 11, 2012


The other night I watched Sleeping with the Enemy.  One thing that really appeals to me in that movie is the heroine's new abode.  That cute old fashion cottage in Cedar Falls.  It always sets me to dreaming.  By the way I do have an African Violet on my window sill in the kitchen just like Sara Waters or is it Laura?

  This house is actually in South Carolina not Iowa as in the movie.  And it was for sale last year.  Imagine that?

Here is a kitchen scene from the movie.  Just love that old fashion kitchen.  It reminds me of my Little Blue Cottage.

On New Year's Eve we had high winds whip through our area.  The winds did damage to our roof and our fence in the backyard.  Thankfully all of our  lovely trees did fine.  Anyway, after the snows pass Big Yellow Cottage will be getting some work done.  Also, we purchased a new stove which we will pick up this Thursday.  I am excited because the stove we have now is a bit of a challenge to work with as the oven is 20 degrees off and doesn't always maintain its heat.  I am fine baking cookies, biscuits and muffins, but anything bigger takes more time than it should and makes the electric bill higher.


Chaos Cottage said...

That is such a great movie. Scary, but good. I also liked that little cottage she had. So homey. Glad you survived the high winds.


kerrie of sea cottage said...

I have never seen this movie. Your view in your own backyard in your blog banner is just breathtaking. My favorite thing about snow is the peace too. I remember when we moved to MO. for 18 mos. and looking out the window as snow fell softly and a deer in our backyard woods nibbled at berries by the frozen creek. Tears would stream down my cheeks at the beauty.

Rayanne said...

I too loved that house!!!!
Stay warm my friend...sending love.