Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas!

Dear Readers, please forgive me for being away so long.  December is always such a busy month.  After taking my trip to California, I have been busy with the business of Christmas.  Cards, gifts, special meetings with dear friends, etc.  Mark took vacation this week which was a real treat.  We had a couple of dates and had so much fun.  So much fun that I neglected the duties of Christmas.  So a few things fell by the wayside.  Oh well.  I think we all will survive.  Below are some pictures of Mark and I enjoying the season.

 Me in Clear Creek Canyon with snow up to my knees.  We had fun trudging around and nearly falling down laughing.

 The beauty of snow in the mountains.  I love the peacefulness of snow.

 Here we are in downtown Golden enjoying the sunset and the beauty of the frozen world around us.

Here is Mark on the path next to Clear Creek.  The city decorated it up with tons of Christmas lights.  It was simply gorgeous! 


jAne said...

such a winter wonderland!

merry CHRISTmas.
{{{{{ hug }}}}}

Becky said...

Blessed Christmas to you dearest jAne! ((hugs))

Becky said...
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Chaos Cottage said...

My household was electronics free yesterday but that was okay as I was at my in-law's for 10 hours! We had a fun Christmas with friends and family. Spent Christmas Eve with my folks too. You look so happy enjoying the snow!