Friday, November 11, 2011

Its Cold Outside

Well, our nice warm weather has faded away and in came the cold.  Dead leaves litter the yard and the wind picks them up and carries them.  Everything has turned golden brown, yellow and gray.  Since the leaves are no longer on the tree in our front yard more light floods into the house.  When snow is on the ground it really gets bright.  Below are some pictures of recent snows.

 This was taken during our last snow, looking down the street in front of our house.

 This one I took of the moon rising in the east.  It was such a blessing to sit in my living room and look out and see the lovely full moon through the bare branches of the tree.

 This is a snow that came in October.  Love the autumn leaves against the blue sky and white mountains.

This was taken in the morning.  The sunrise cast a pink glow on the snow.

The Lord has me busy in ways I never expected.  These days I am learning more about the heart of our Lord.  I have learned that what He sees as very precious is people.  He loves them so much.  And there are so many hurting people, some of these people are in our churches.  I have come to see that there is a very necessary need for encouragement.

The other thing that I have been trying to practice is blessing rather than cursing.  I am practicing this while I am out driving.  I was watching something on Christian TV and it really made an impact on me.  The Lord is pleased when we are loving as He is.  So if someone cuts me off on the road, etc., I ask God to bless that person.  When I do I please my Father in Heaven.  On top of that I am opening a door for the Lord to work.  It is pretty awesome that something so small on our part can move mountains.


Chaos Cottage said...

Looks like hot cocoa weather! We are cooling down here as well. I leaves are falling all over our yard. Soon there will be none left on the trees. We get very little snow here. Yours looks beautiful. Have a blessed weekend Becky!

Sharon said...

I loved this post! Especially what you said at the end. Your photos are amazing and you are a good photographer! Drink lots of hot tea and stay warm!!

jAne said...

such beauty .. wish i were there, though i *am* enjoying fall leaves, rain and cool temps where i live. :o) love the 1st pic - big time! and the mountains, so majestic!

**practice is blessing rather than cursing**


Rayanne said...

Lovely photos! We are still in the high 70's here in the woodlands.
I'm with you on the blessings...much, much better way to live.
Much love,