Sunday, February 14, 2016

Use it Up Update

Well, it has been exactly a month since I last posted.  I really don't have much to report in the way of "using it up" because I have not used anything up.  For the month of February I usually use anything rose, but this year I am not doing that.  The Andalou "Aloe Mint" shower gel and lotion have a little bit more to go, but I got bored with them and put them away.  In my shower, I've been using a body wash by Philosophy that I got from a friend a couple Christmas' ago.  It is in the scent "Peace on Earth", which has sort of an orchid scent. In my tub, I am using a bar of Philosophy bar soap in the scent "Grace" which I got as a gift more than a couple years ago.  Usually, I am a stickler for matching my scents (soap & lotion), but this month I am not doing that. I've been using that "Moisture Max" lotion in Sugar Plum that I picked up last month.  I have been enjoying that lotion a lot and I am planning on purchasing the plain scent of it when I am done with the "Sugar Plum".  I think I am starting to move away from the matching thing.

This month I got hired to take care of a little girl who is 6 months older than my grandson, Everett.  I don't get paid to watch my grandson, so it will be nice to earn some cash again.  I don't know what it is about having people come to the house, but it always motivates me to start cleaning out the clutter.  Since I gained weight from being able to eat again, I had to revamp my wardrobe.  I went from XS to S/M.  I've had two storage boxes sitting in the baby room filled with my clothing that doesn't quite fit right anymore.  Well, with having a 2nd child around I thought it was time to go through those clothes.  So I went to town on it and eliminated one whole box of clothes.  I tried to sell some of my clothing at a consignment shop.  Ugh!  I am SO done with consignment shops!  For some women those shops work well, but for me, NO!  So my clothing will be going to benefit charities from now on.  They need it more anyway and it is better to help the needy than the "in need of nothing" crew.