Sunday, December 6, 2015

"Use it Up" Update

Well, it is time to take inventory.  As I recall I did purchase some bath items for Autumn as seen below.  I have not used up the pump soap as the pump broke and I ended up using another soap in my stash that needed using up.  When that bottle is empty I will have a bottle to put this soap into.  However, the SHE body butter in the scent Milk & Honey is all gone.  Good stuff! 

I also bought a bottle of  Fuji Apple Berry scented lotion by Pure & Basic, which smells absolutely delicious.  Love this lotion so much!

I did not use this lotion up.  But, since it is now officially the Christmas season, I broke out my Christmas scent for this year pictured below.

This is Andalou's Aloe Mint, which smells divine!  The body lotion is nice and thick, but thins out as you spread it on your skin.  The shower gel creates a nice lather and is very gentle to the skin.  I am enjoying both of these products.

The only bath item I splurged on for this month is a new shower puff from Bath & Body Works.  It is white with a gold ribbon in it.  I went to buy some Christmas scented candles (I think Bath & Body Works has the best candles) and I happened to spot the shower puff and had to have it.

Isn't it so pretty?  I am really enjoying it.  So far I have not purchased any new soap items or lotions for the Christmas season.  So A+ for that!

As far as my beauty routine, I am continuing to use Emu oil to moisturize around my eyes and my chin and then I use the Out of Africa shea butter lotion to moisturize the rest of my face.  As for washing my face, I only use castile soap, so as not to strip the natural oils.  This has proven to be the best way to keep my skin looking great.  If I happen to get a blemish, I use Sovereign Silver gel on  the blemish as well as the emu oil and this clears it up very nicely.  I also use gel/oil combo when I get a flare up with my pierced earrings.

As for hair, well I have some changes.  I came across a product called a coconut creme cowash made by Renpure as pictured below.

With the cold winter air upon us, my hair has been extra dry.  One evening I did a hot oil treatment (mixed up a batch of my own oils) and it really helped my hair.  Then out shopping one day I ran across this cowash stuff and have been using it ever since.  I feel that it has made a good difference.  You can read about cowashing at Musings of a Muse.  I am still using the Kiss My Face "Whenever" shampoo & conditioner which both contain argan oil.  They are supposed to be moisturizing, but it has not been moisturizing enough for the winter.

So that is my update.  I hope that this post has helped and maybe given you some ideas and new products to try for yourself.